Dynex Technologies

March 15, 2016

Dynex Technologies, Inc. (Chantilly VA) was founded in 1952, and has been a leading innovator in microplate analysis, pipettors, dispensers and dilutors for over fifty years. Today, Dynex designs and manufactures a full range of automated laboratory instruments and associated consumables that enable scientists and clinicians to make breakthrough discoveries, earlier, more-accurate diagnoses – innovations to improve health outcomes and enhance life. From fully automated ELISA instruments and the latest in analysis and control software, Dynex designs products to meet the rigorous demands of the most challenging applications. More information is available at www.dynextechnologies.com

Corgenix distributes several Dynex instruments in the US, including the DSX® Four-Plate Automated ELISA Processing System and the DS2® Two-Plate Automated ELISA Processing System.